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Frequently Asked questions.......


Lasers can cover so many different substrates and industries it is difficult to list them all.  Below are some of the most popular questions received.  Please call or email if you have a question you need answered.   

How Deep can the laser engrave into metal?

All metals can be engraved into with some depth; however, some metals are more amenable to depth engraving. Softer aluminum material will engrave with depth with only a few passes. 

What type of wood can be engraved?

Light woods that will show a high contrast but any type can be used.  I recommend to stay away from pine and oak on detailed images but for text it is fine.  

What types of files can you use?

The laser can use scanned photos, logos, bitmaps, other images, text, and AutoCAD files. Essentially, if you can print it, you can engrave it. To cut, you will need a vector based graphic, such as an .eps or Illustrator file.  Keep in mind the higher the quality of the graphic you provide the better your engraving results. Prefered file types are dxf, eps and pdf. 

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