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Co2 Laser



 The laser is capable of marking many different types of substrates a few examples are below.  


Acrylic is well suited for laser cutting and marking no additional after-treatment of the material is required.  Acrylic is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, with excellent weatherability.



The laser creates a beautiful frosted effect.  Engrave glassware, bottles, wine glasses, beer glasses, and mirrors.  Text and logos can easily be applied



Engrave Fabric with Logos and Designs . Etch any image on twill, cotton, microfibers, leather and more.  As the laser cuts the fabric, it will sear the edge of the material, stopping the fabric from fraying on the edges.  From cotton, to suede, to twill, to nylon, a laser system can cut and engrave them all! Cut Intricate Fabric Appliqués  


Can be used for almost any type of engraving and signage project. Allows fine, detailed engraving and is extremely durable. It is UV stable and outdoor weatherable.



Wood engraving is one of the most popular applications for the laser.  The laser can transfer complicated designs, logos and photos to wood with laser marking, cutting and engraving. Our lasers can produce high resolution engravings that simply cannot be replicated by other methods.


Laser cutting is a quick and easy process that can be used for processing paper, paperboard and cardboard for digital printing, for packaging prototype construction, model making or scrapbooking.

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